610th Trans Co. (AM) (GS)

"Fast and Sure"

RVN Oct 66 ~ Apr 72

"Reunion 2010"

14th Transportation Battalion Reunion
Branson, MO
10 - 14 November 2010

"Transportation Corps Aviation Association"


~ The President Sends ~

    I am beginning a TCAA Membership Recruiting Drive.  Several thousand soldiers served in TC aircraft maintenance units from 1950's to 1988, including those in the 34th General Support Group and the 5th and 15th TC Battalions that supported the 101st and 1st Cav Divisions in Vietnam.  If you or you know of anyone who served in these units, please direct them to our website www.TCAvnAssn.org and our Membership Form.  It only costs $10 per year to join!



~ 2008 REUNION ~

Nashville, TN

The 14th Trans Bn (AM&S)(GS) held their 2nd reunion in Nashville, Tennessee, 7-9 November 2008.  There were well over 150 members & guests attending.  A small group of 610'ers were part of the gathering swapping stories and just having a good time.  They were: Terry Stephenitch, Mike Boone, Gerry Reed, Lyle Morris, Chas Bischoff, Dale Thomsen and Doug Muenzhuber.  Lyle & Dale brought their wives Linda and Barb along to enjoy the festivities.  A Good Looking Group!!
Front L to R: Charlie Bischoff, Doug Muenzhuber, Dale Thomsen, Terry Stephenitch
Back L to R: Lyle Morris, Ron Holt, Mike Boone, Roland Licona, Al Walker
Front L to R: Herb Williams, Terry Stephenitch, Charlie Bischoff, Dale Thomsen, Doug Muenzhuber
Back L to R: Gerry Reed, Ron Holt, Mike Boone, Lyle Morris, Roland Licona, AL Walker
Missing: Pete DeLeyser
"OLD" Pictures
Roland Licona, Mike Boone, Charlie Bischoff & Mary Ann Walker
Veteran's Day Parade from *Ride the Duck*.  Both sides of the street were this way the whole parade route which made full circle in about 2 1/2 miles.  "Moving!"
There's Pete DeLeyser standing second  from the left.
"Changing of the Guard."
George Smith (l) turning the reins over to Tom Myles (r)

"Coming back from the Parade."
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The 14th Trans Bn (AM&S)(GS) held their 3rd reunion in Branson, MO 10-14 November 2010.  There were well over 120+ members & guests attending.  The 610th had 12 members attend, some with their ladies.  A *Grand* time was had making new friends, getting reacquainted with Old friends, swapping stories and just having a good time.
A little Dixieland Jazz as a prelude on the Showboat "Branson Belle"
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P-51 at The Veteran's Memorial Museum
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Mary Ann on the Showboat "Branson Belle"
L to R: Deb Stephenitch, Dale & Linda Thomsen, Barb & Lyle Morris, Mike Boone & Charlie Bischoff
Deb & Terry Stephenitch and Gerry Reed
L to R: Herb & Terry Williams, Roland & Griselda Licona, Ron Holt, Mary Ann & Al Walker and Sharon Scheel with Doug Muenzhuber
Lyle Morris, Dale Thomsen & Linda Thompsen
Standing: Dale Thomsen, Lyle Morris, Terry Stephenitch
Seated:  Mike Boone, Gerry Reed, Charlie Bischoff

Mike Boone & Terry Stephenitch
Lyle Morris, Chas Bischoff, Dale Thomsen, Mike Boone, Doug Muenzhuber
Gerry Reed & Terry Stephenitch
Linda Thomsen, Barb Morris & Dale Thomsen
~Reunion 2012~

      Abbott, Danny                  Alcorn, Gary & Sharlene                Aleman, Benny & Isabel           Atkinson, Leonard &
                                                                                                                                                          Diane Mizzell
Avery, John & Barbara    Boone, Michael & Susan          Bosan, Steven & Bowdion, Arthur
  Marti Keifer
  Carls, Tom & Debbie                   Cavitt, Cliff & Helen                         Davis, Jim                    Deraud Donald & Mary Ann
Ferry, Frank & Constance            Frank, Ralph & Marilyn                Gallant, Wayne & Lina               Glessner, James &
                                                                                                                                                          Carmen Alguire
Glorioso, Vincent & Carole               Grodell, Jeffrey                       Gurbisz, Kenneth & Helen                Harrison, Art
     Horschel, John                               Hull, Mike                             Janssen Arlo &                      Jedlicka, Woodrow
                                                                                                              Mary Rose
  Jones, Gary & Judy                  Kaye, Donald & Christine                   Cecil, Keith &                      Lawrence, John & Sandy
                                                                                                           Bobbie Cutrer
  Long, Kenneth & Carol             Lucius, Spencer & Nancy                Mackey, Howard & Bill                Madish, Dan & Liz
     Mcelhinney, Tim                           Miller, Derrell                      Miller, Merle & Suzanne                 Morris, Lyle & Barb
      Murchison, Hazen &               Myles, Tom & Carmen                 Nash, Billy & Nancy                       Northen, John & Patty
         Owens, Bob                     Pearson, Neville & Betty                  Post, Alton & Ardis                   Pulcini, Joseph & Suzane
   Quackenbush, Dan                 Rainsberg, Dave & Teresa                       Reed, Gerry                               Sandlin, Louis
       Searles, Louis                    Sippel, Daniel & Patricia                   Souza, John & Marta                 Thomsen, Dale & Linda
Voelkel, William & Sandra                   Wack, Jerry                           Walker, Al & Mary Ann                      Womble, James
               Wrage, Allen & Alondra                  Kavanaugh, Richard & Cay
                                                                                & Nancy Apted