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(AM) (GS) 

                               “FAST AND SURE”

1966 ~ 1972

Dong Ba Thin ~ An Khe ~ Red Beach, Da Nang

  Welcome to the 610th Transportation Company (AM) (GS)  "Fast and Sure" website.  I thought it would be time to get something on the net so we, of the 610th Trans. Co., would have a place to gather.  This site is dedicated to "YOU" the Members.  You made it happen!!  We are improving this website everyday, so please bear with us. There are Links listed in the History section that may be of interest to you.  Take a look!! 

  As you all may or may not know our Brother Al Walker passed away in September of 2013. He was the creator of this website and we are very happy to be continuing on his journey in connecting Veterans of the 610th Trans Co. We have been doing everything we can to connect and make contact with the Members of the 610th, by phone, email, and mail. We would like to be able to contact and obtain correct information on all Members, or family, by the Reunion. 

carl Woods is 


Carl Woods


  There may be someone that you wish to get in contact with and you can leave a note in the guest book letting everyone know who you are looking for. You may also find a note from someone looking for you! (The link is towards the top on the left)

"God made Aircraft Mechanics,
  so Pilots could have Heroes too."

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