This is an updated list of everyone that's Contact Information has been verified. All the Vietnam Veterans names previously listed on the website are still here. We have been trying to make contact with everyone to update their information so that all  information stays correct. We listed the Veterans that we have contacted in the first column and the Veterans that we are still trying to make contact with in the second. We hope that if you have any information on Vietnam Veterans of the 610th Trans Co, you will contact us and let us know, whether they are on the list or not. We are trying to add and connect with as many Veterans we can! We also hope this information will help you with connecting with fellow Veterans and rekindle "Old Friendships"! If you see the name of someone you would like to contact by phone or mailing address.. Let one of us know and we will be happy to contact that person to make sure its ok to give out their phone/address. I decided not to include those things for your privacy but I do have them on file. 
  • Anderson, Paul                   1967 to 1968                Richmond, VA            andersonpn@verizon.net
  • Aubin, Ray                           UNKNOWN                Watertown, CT           aubin.raymond@gmail.com
  • Baker, Duane                       1967 to 1968               Springfield, OH          kathebaker@yahoo.com
  • Bischoff, Charles                 1966 to 1967                Melborne, FL              chas88906cfl.rr@att.net
  • Boles, Bruce                         1969 to 1971                Alton, NH                    NO EMAIL ON FILE
  • Boone, Michael                   1966 to 1967                Buchanan, VA            mkboone@yahoo.com
  • Bourque, Ron                      UNKNOWN                Lewiston, ME             wolfmoon7734@yahoo.com
  • Bridgers, Tony                     UNKNOWN                Oxford, NC                 TBLcatfish@aol.com
  • Brillante, Phillip                  1968 to 1969               Alexandria, VA           pbrillante@verizon.net
  • Brogan, James                     1968 to 1969               Philadelphia, PA        JBr406319@aol.com
  • Brown, Mitchel                    1969 to 1970                Salisbury, NC              mlb10846@aol.com
  • Byrne, Jim                            1965 to 1967                 Kingman, AZ              aj.byrne42@gmail.com
  • Cavitt, Clifton                      UNKNOWN                 Brookville, FL            wolfie427@bellsouth.net
  • Cleary, John (Jack)            UNKNOWN                 Summerville, SC        jackcleary2564@att.net
  • Collier, Bill                            1967 to 1968                Ingleside, IL                pokeypan@aol.com
  • Cooper, Alton (Guinn)        UNKNOWN                Abilene, TX                 guinn.cooper@suddenlink.net
  • Crosley, Jerry                        1967 to 1968                Phoenix, AZ                atvcaver@cox.net    
  • Dailey, Steve                          1969 to 1970                Naples, FL                   daileydouble@yahoo.com
  • Davids, Terrence (Terry)     4/67 to 8/67                Tempre, AZ                terrymd64@cox.net
  • Davis, Jim                               1968 to 1969                Indianapolis, IN        unclejimmyd@yahoo.com
  • Deleyser, Pete                         1967 to 1968                Renton, WA               PDeleyser@comcast.net
  • DeSpain, Michael (Mike)     1967 to 1969                Naperville, IL             mwdespain@aol.com
  • Duckett, Harold                     UNKNOWN                Decatur, IN                  hduc51@embarqmail.com
  • Ellison, William                     1966 to 1967                Trenton, GA                wdeturkey@tvn.net
  • Erli, Larry                                1968 to 1969               Farmersville, OH       Erlibirdauction@yahoo.com
  • Etris, Mackwell                      1969 to 1970                Homer, GA                  etris30547@windstream.net
  • Everett, Sam                           1969 to 1970                Dacula, GA                  sseverett@gmail.com
  • Fleming, Gordon                            1968                      Las Vegas, NV            gordonfleming@hotmail.com
  • Garrison, Samuel (Sam)       1970 to 1971                 Marble Falls, TX        Dodysam@aol.com
  • Getsoian, Chris                       UNKNOWN                 Livonia, MI                 getsoianc@aol.com
  • Glowac, Bill                              1967 to 1968                Austin, MN                 NO EMAIL ON FILE
  • Graziani, Ted                           UNKNOWN                UKNOWN                   tgankhe1968@yahoo.com
  • Gurbisz, Ken                            UNKNOWN                Eatontown, NJ            gurbisz@verizon.net
  • Hadley, Ken                             1969 to 1970                Hershey, PA                tallspirit@comcast.net
  • Higdon, Edward                      1967 to 1968                Louisville, KY             peggyandeddie@gmail.com
  • Hodgson, Howard                  1969 to 1970                Willoughby, OH         hf_hodgson@yahoo.com
  • Holf, August                             1969 to 1970                Midland, MI               augie158@gmail.com
  • Holt, Ron                                  1967 to 1968                Rohnert Park, CA      ronholt1@comcast.net
  • Howe, Richard                         UNKNOWN                 Puta Gorda, FL          Richard@killmosquito.org
  • Humphrey, Michael                UNKNOWN                Hedgeville, WV          mikelen64@comcasst.com
  • Juliot, Steven (Steve)              1970 to 1971                Pepin, WI                    juliots@centurytel.net
  • Kemple, Cliff                             UNKNOWN                Corpus Christi, TX    cliffkemple@gmail.com
  • Killian, Claude (Jib)               UNKNOWN                 Gainsville, FL             NO EMAIL ON FILE
  • Knight, Terry                            1966 to 1967                Mesa, AZ                      tcknight@cox.net
  • Kontak, Ron                              1966 to 1967                Queen Creek, AZ        JK1002195@yahoo.com
  • Labenbur, William                  1967 to 1969                 Titusville, FL              willieroma@gmail.com
  • Lamb, Raymond                      1970 to 1971                  Berlin Center, OH    mary.lamb@suddenlink.net
  • Langford, Michael                   1970 to 1971                 San Antonio,TX    r.michael_langford@yahoo.com
  • Lee, Norbert                             1967 to 1968                 Stratford, WI              norbertlee2008@gmail.com
  • Lenkey, Richard                       1970 to 1972                 Massillon, OH            legacyrr.llc@gmail.com
  • Licona, Roland                         1965 to 1967                 Linue, Hawaii             rlicona@hawaii.rr.com
  • Marsh, William                        1970 to 1971                  Flint, TX                      lonestarplucker@yahoo.com
  • Martin, Michael                       1970 to 1971                  Midland, MI               610guns@gmail.com
  • Maxwell, Jerald                        UNKNOWN                 Chandlersville, OH   jmax44@yahoo.com
  • McCormes, Roy                        1966 to 1967                 Ft. Worth, TX            rmello22@yahoo.com
  • Martin, Rick                              UNKNOWN                 Athens, OH                 rmarti19@columbus.rr.com
  • Miller, Kenneth                        1966 to 1967                 St. Joseph, MO          kmmiller1678@sbcglobal.net
  • Morris, Lyle                              UNKNOWN                  Holland,MI            lylebarb_morris@sbcglobal.net
  • Muenzhuber, Douglas            UNKNOWN                  Crystal, MN               dmuenzhuber@yahoo.com
  • Olson, Floyd                              1970 to 1971                  Tonganoxie, KS        floydtoolman@aol.com
  • Payne, Lynn                              1967 to 1968                 Chesapeake, VA        npayne617@verizon.net
  • Pinard, Joseph                                 1968                        Newport News, VA   ofunajoe@cox.net
  • Reed, Gerry                                UNKNOWN                 Warroad, MN            gbr@heatmor.com
  • Richey, Bill                                 1971 to 1972                  Trego, WI                   boiler4u@centurytel.com
  • Samford, Tom                            1971 to 1972                 Marietta, GA              tsamford@comcast.net      
  • Sparks, James (Jim)                 4/67 to 10/97              Hanalei, Hawaii        kauaipaddler@gmail.com
  • Schmucker, Michael                 UNKNOWN                 Ontario, CA                mschmu3590@aol.co   
  • Seme, Joe                                    1970 to 1972                Deadwood SD            lamson719joe@yahoo.com
  • Sibold Jr., Robert                      1969 to 1970                Lima, OH                    rsibdd@embarqmail.com
  • Spurlock, James                        1966 to 1967                 Douglasville, GA       jimspurlock1@gmail.com
  • Stephenitch, Terry                    UNKNOWN                 Dixon, IL                     tdstephenitch@yahoo.com
  • Swiggard, Wayne                      UNKNOWN                  Lowell, MA                 mudcat262@aol.com
  • Tepper, Art                                 1968 to 1969                 Tiller, OR                    Arttepper@gmail.com
  • Thomsen, Dale                           UNKNOWN                 Bismark, ND               dlthomsen@bis.midco.net
  • Weisberg, Stephen                    1968 to 1969                 Delray Beach, FL       sweissie@aol.com
  • Williams III, Herbert                1967 to 1968                Riverside, CA              hhwatlaw@yahoo.com
  • Wills, Wilbert Dale                    1969 to 1971                 Pasadena, MN            Apachie@aol.com
  • Woods, Carl                                1966 to 1968                 Derby, Ks.              carlewoods1948@yahoo.com
  • Womble, James                          1966 to 1967                Nashville, TN              Passed 12/2015
610th Veterans We Have Made Contact With!!
610th Aviators We Have Made 
Contact With!!
Aviators We Are Still Trying To Make 
Contact With!!

If you know any of these Veteran's and you have a way to get in touch with them please let myself or Secretary know. We are trying to verify their information so that we can add them to the Aviator 610th Members!!
If you would like to contact a Vietnam Veteran listed below just let one of us know and we will contact that person to make sure we can give out their personal contact information. We desided not include it, but have it on file, for privacy reasons. 
If you would like to contact a Vietnam Veteran listed below just let one of us know and we will contact that person and make sure it is ok to give out their personal contact information. We decided not to include it, but have it on file, for privacy reasons. 
610th Veterans We Are Still Trying
 To Make Contact With!!!
  • Adams, Tom                                 New Jersey                                            ??                                    1970 to 1971
  • Barr Sr., Phillip                       Wilkes-Barre, PA                    hopikachinawolf@aol.com                   ??
  • Brenner, Jay                              Greenville, SC                                          ??                                    1970 to 1971
  • Burnett, Clinton                            Georgia                                      clint29@att.net                              1969
  • Bursey, Alan                           Livermore Falls, ME                                  ??                                              ??        
  • Cashman, Jerry                         Titusville, FL                        boocash52@livemail.com              1971 to 1972         
  • Clay, Jerry                                           ??                                            wili@citlink.net                       1968 to 1969
  • Eckstein, Donald                        Schuyler, NE                                           ??                                     1966 to 1967
  • Gapes, Leonard                          Citronelle, AL                                          ??                                      1967 to 1968
  • Manto, Anthony                             Rye, NY                                                 ??                                     1965 to 1967
  • McAllister, Donald                      Atlanta, GA                            Ragenvols@yahoo.com               1968 to 1969
  • Mickens, James                        West Point, VA                         jmickens@netzero.com               1966 to 1967
  • Moreno, Richard                       Maracopa, CA                          jmoreno3@bak.rr.com                          ??
  • Pence, John                                  Colville, WA                            jpence1@eskimo.com                         1970
  • Perretano, Alan                           California                           alanperretano@clearwire.com         1971 to 1972
  • Perry, Norman                        New Bedford, MA                  donnaleeperry@comcast.net           1970 to 1971
  • Reynolds, David                           Peoria, IL                                                ??                                                ??
  • Reynolds, John                          Wellsville, PA                                Turk552@msn.com                  1970 to 1971
  • Stancil, Willard                             Coats, NC                                jastan@embarqmail.com            1968 to 1969
  • Stevens, Larry                                  Ohio                                        ole@windstream.net                   1971 to 1972
  • Sullivan, George                      Brandenton, FL                                          ??                                       1967 to 1968
  • Tylutki, Walter                    Franklin Square, NY                            vietgi@verizon.net                   1967 to 1968
  • Vick, Dale                                    Indiana                                             dvick4@nc.rr.com                             ??
  • Wymer, William                      Grenta, VA                                                   ??                                        1967 to 1968

If you recognize anyone on this list that we are still looking for/trying to Verify please let us know. You can contact us by email or phone. We have tried contacting these Veterans by email and mail. We would like to be able to make contact with the following Veterans and get their correct contact information as soon as possible. 
If you have a Name ( or Name and Contact Information) of someone that is a Vietnam Veteran of the 610th Transportation Company is not on any of the above lists, please let us know, by email or phone. We would like to find as many Veterans of the 610th as possible!
  • Beauchesne, Harold "Hal" J.                   1971 to 1972                    Enterprise, AL
  • Bolivar, Antonio "Tony" A.                       1971                                  Arlington, TX
  • Gregory, James D.                                      1969 to 1970                  Raleigh, NC
  • Hobbs, Harry V.                                          1967 to 1968                  The Villages, FL
  • Kenney, Michael A.                                    1969 to 1970                   Sebastian, FL
  • Loop, William J.                                         1970                                 Fairburn, GA
  • Melvin, James B.                                        1966 to 1967                   Milan, GA
  • Mitchell, James L.                                      1967                                 Vista, CA
  • Shawn, William W.                                    1970 to 1971                    Columbus, GA
  • Steel, James                                                 Unknown                        Austin, TX

  • Bowers, Dallas                    1968 to 1969              Newton, AL               bshadow25@centurytel.net
  • Brophy Jr., Edward           1967 to 1968              Danvers, Mass          NO EMAIL
  • Enderlin, Patrick J.           1969 to 1970              Pewaukee, WI           pjenderlin@gmail.com
  • Kennebee, John E.             1969                           Camdenton, MO       callerjack@att.net
  • LaFavor, Richard               1968 to 1969             Coon Rapids, MN     rlafavor@comcast.net